The oenologist

Iker Unzalu, is the oldest of the three brothers who currently run this family winery.

The family’s links with the sector led him to become involved in the world of wine from a very early age.

Thus, in 1987 he began his Oenology course at the Technical College of Logroño (Rioja), which he completed in 1990.

In 1991 he moved to Libourne-Montagne (Bourdeaux) to continue his training at the Lycee de Libourne-Montagne, specialising in “Wine Elaboration”. He completed this speciality course in 1994.

This stay in France enabled him to combine his studies with work experience in different Chateaux in Bourdeaux.

In 1995, after 8 years’ training, he started work full-time at the family winery in Villabuena (Rioja Alavesa), taking on the duties of oenologist and becoming involved in the integral management of the winery. His wish to improve the quality of the wines came true in 2005 when the new winery came into operation.