Setting and Vineyards

The winery and vineyards are located in a unique setting below the Sierra de Cantabria. This mountain range is a natural barrier which keeps back the cold, damp winds from the Bay of Biscay, letting through just the right amount of moisture for the correct development of the vines. We are also in an area under the influence of the Mediterranean climate which provides the sun and warmth necessary for the plant.

The vineyards are located on calcareous clay soil and most face North to South with a pronounced slope down the Sierra de Cantabria to the River Ebro.

These characteristics create the optimum exposure and humidity conditions for the growth of the vines and the ripening of the grapes.

57 hectares of vineyards with an average age of 48 years are the winery’s best guarantee. Special attention is paid to the work carried out in the vineyards, all by hand, as that is where the wine is born. The control of the yields per hectare and respect for the environment are key factors in the quality of our wines.