GuÍa Intervinos 2020

This year, again, Intervinos Wine Guide 2020 confirms the outstanding quality for Launa wines.

 Teo’s 2017 has got maximum score with 94 points. 93 points have got Launa Barrel Fermented White 2018, Launa Family Selection Crianza 2017 and Launa Family Selection Reserva 2016. 92 points have reached Ikunus 2017 and 91 points have been for Launa White 2018 aged over its own lees and OIZ White 2018.

Enjoy the wines!

premios penin

Wines from Bodegas Launa have been considered excellent, all over 90 points.

 Recently have been published the scoring in Peñin Wine Guide.

 Teo’s 2017, Launa Family Selection Crianza 2017 and Launa Barrel fermented 2018 have been scored with 92 points. 91 points has got Launa Family Selection Reserva 2016 and 90 points have been for Ikunus 2017 and Launa White over its own lees.

 We hope you will enjoy them.


As published in the Peñin Guide 2017, Intervinos 2017 Guide confirms the excellent quality of Bodegas Launa wines.

The highest score was for Teo’s 2014, with 93 points and considered “Excellent” by the Guide. Also qualifies as “Excellent” the Ikunus 2014, Launa Selection Family Reserva 2012 and Launa Family Selection Crianza 2014, all scored with 92 points.

The White OIZ 2015 obtains 90 points, as well as the Launa White Family Selection 2015.

And finally, with 89 points and qualified as “Very Good”, the Launa Crianza 2014.

Thanks every body!!



The Peñin Guide 2017 has been recently published with more than 11,500 tasted wines.

Among them, there are 5 wines from Bodegas Launa.

The Launa Crianza 2014, with 89 points, has been rated as “Very Good”. The remaining 4 wines have been qualified as “Excellent”. Launa Family Selection Reserva 2012 has obtained 90 points and 91 points on IKUNUS 2014. Special mention to the Teo’s 2014 and Launa Family Selection Crianza 2014 both with 93 points. Any other Crianza from the D.O. Rioja has achieved this recognition.

Thank you to all who continue trusting in us every  day.